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Neurological Rehabilitation

The critical benefits of talking with a neurological physiotherapist is that we work around here consistently, have a solid interest and additional preparation in assisting individuals with these conditions. Physiocare and Rehab are pioneers in this field, offering explicit types of assistance, formal instruction and preparing for wellbeing experts and taking part in clinical examination and promotion for our patients.
  • Education & advice about symptomatic management
  • Balance & mobility exercises
  • Specific treatments for dizziness/vertigo
  • Movement Based Training for learning & reinforcing new movements
  • Exercises that aim to improve balance, walking ability & confidence
  • Exercises that aim to improve upper limb and hand function
  • Exercises & treatment sessions that aim to increase body awareness and  skilled movement control

Neurological Physiotherapy Treatment

Rehabilitation is tied in with arriving at your capability to boost support throughout everyday life. Everybody has an alternate circumstance, so neurological physiotherapy treatment will rely upon your inclinations and your individual objectives and requirements. Your treatment will dependent on the most recent

  • Fatigue Management
  • Migraine Management
  • Individualised Fitness and strengthening programmes
  • Managing Spasticity, spasms and muscle tension
  • Pain management – particularly headaches, neck pain, low back and shoulder pain.
  • Management of osteoarthritis, tendinopathy & other painful musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Advice, support & advocacy to help you access the best available care

Physiocare and Rehab Services is for all ages, it doesn’t choose or limit who to serve as long as you need us, we’ll be there to treat you!