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At Physio Care and Rehab Services, you are a functioning member in accomplishing your treatment objectives'. We are offering are scope of ergonomic services going from individual assessments to studios and full office assessments, advancing wellbeing at the work place. Physio Care and Rehab Services offices are explicitly intended to give our patients a warm and tranquil mending climate and guarantee most extreme benefit with their treatment

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The Physiocare and Rehab offers world type physiotherapy with a massive crew of physios specialising in special areas.

Our aim is to assist enhance the satisfactory of your existence and get you again to the circumstance you had been in earlier than the damage or illness.

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Occupational Therapy

The essential objective of Occupational Therapy (OT) is to empower individuals to take part in the exercises of regular day to day existence.

Our Home Visit Occupational treatment administration accomplish this result by working with individuals and networks to improve their capacity to take part in the occupations

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Aged Care

Physiocare and Rehab Services have an accomplished group of physios and word related specialists that can help the old to keep up with versatility and personal satisfaction in their private consideration office or in the home climate.

Reliably, practice is embraced in clinical examinations similar to a viable treatment for a scope of musculoskeletal issues, equivalent to or better than prescription.

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Falls Prevention

Falls can happen to anybody, at the same time, lamentably, as you develop more seasoned falls can turn out to be more normal and you are bound to harm yourself.

Most old individuals fall in and around the home yet falls are additionally normal in matured consideration homes.

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Neurological Rehabilitation

The critical benefits of talking with a neurological physiotherapist is that we work around here consistently, have a solid interest and additional preparation in assisting individuals with these conditions.

Physiocare and Rehab are pioneers in this field, offering explicit types of assistance, formal instruction and preparing for wellbeing experts and taking part in clinical examination and promotion for our patients.

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The center is established and run by a group of physiotherapists who are pioneers in the field

Have been involved in development of the physiotherapy profession in the Australia.

We provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!

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